Your personal photographer in a flash!

General FAQs

What is QwkPic?

QwkPic is the world's first mobile app for on-demand iPhone photographers. Simply head to one of our designated QwkPic Photo Zones, tap a button, and a QwkPic photographer will immediately arrive for a quick, creative, and fun photo shoot. With photographers guaranteed at your location in minutes, an impromptu and spontaneous photo shoot is always at your fingertips. So whether you're solo or with friends, on vacation with the family or out on the town, QwkPic has you covered!


Initial cost: $0
Price per picture: 40¢
*Price per minute: 30¢
Convenience & trust fee: 80¢
Minimum session cost: $5.00
Session cancel fee: $2.80

Is it true I can earn $2,000 a week referring friends to QwkPic?

Yup! Give your friends the gift of a free photo shoot and when they have their first session you can earn up to a $10 bonus per referred User and $2,000 A WEEK (in Cash, QwkPic Credits, or a combination of the two). When you sign up for QwkPic you'll receive a personal referral code and when it's used you can earn Cash and/or QwkPic Credits. Yup, it's that amazing! Many QwkPic users print their Referral Code on cards and hand them out at QwkPic Photo Zones, Events, Bars, and Concerts, as well as share their code online to earn as much cash and rewards as possible.

How can I become a QwkPic photographer?

Have an iPhone and an awesome personality? Want to earn extra cash in your spare time? Sign up to join our community of freelance QwkPic photographers and earn up to $50+/Hr taking pictures at our designated QwkPic Photo Zones. See our "Photographers' FAQs" section below for more details.

What are designated QwkPic Photo Zones?

QwkPic Photo Zones are designated areas of great photo opportunities where our QwkPic photographers are stationed. These are typically landmarks, tourist sites, and local favorites where there are numerous amazing photo opportunities. To find the nearest QwkPic Photo Zone, simply zoom out on the QwkPic Map and these areas will be highlighted with a red indicator circle. QwkPic Photo Zones help you discover and explore your surroundings as well as get great pictures of amazing sights, landmarks, murals, and scenic views. Examples of such areas include Hollywood Blvd, The Empire State Building, The Washington Monument, The Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Westminster, St. Peter's Basilica, and many many more.

Customers' FAQs

How do I get started?

Step 1: Download the QwkPic App HERE
Step 2: Press “Request Photographer” Button
Step 3: Have an awesome photo session!

When do I receive my pics?

They’re instantaneously sent to your QwkPic Account as your photographer is taking your picture!

At what point is my credit card charged?

After you approve and select your pics.

Is my credit card information secured?


Who owns the Picture and Video Copyrights?


Photographers' FAQs

QwkPic photographers are a community of freelance iPhone photographers. Not a professional photographer or paparazzi – no problem! All you need is an iPhone, two thumbs and an awesome personality and you're on your way to joining our amazing community. And with QwkPic you're your own boss. Set your own schedule, work whenever you want and for however long you want. QwkPic photo sessions typically last just 5 - 8 minutes (hence "Qwk"), so whether you have a few minutes or a few hrs it's a great way to earn some extra cash quick, fast, in a flash! So join our community, set up at one of our designated QwkPic Photo Zones (see above), post up, click to on-duty, and start making money taking pictures and helping people capture moments and memories they'll cherish forever. QwkPic is that amazing!

How do I get started?

Step 1: Sign Up to be a QwkPic Photographer HERE
Step 2: Click the “On Duty” Button
Step 3: Start taking pictures and making money!

Are there any sign up fees?


What is the Administrative Fee Schedule?

You keep 90% of the Session Costs! (10% goes to Us)
You keep 100% of your Tips!

How soon will I receive compensation?

Money is deposited into your connected bank account 4-7 days after a session automatically.

* Price per minute is subject to a multiplier as determined by QwkPic. Session Fees also may be subject to a multiplier at times of high demand of the Services (“Prime Time”) as determined by QwkPic.